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Association of Medical Service Providers - AMSP
Garden State Imaging is a founding member of the Association of Medical Service Providers - AMSP. The AMSP is a nationally recognized organization with 29 ISO members and over 150 engineers from all aspects of diagnostic imaging. Garden State Imaging has the ability to leverage this talent pool and has the full backing of the association to do so.

Featured Item: UR-1
Need a DR system to accommodate a high flow of patient exams where space is a premium? Do you need a system that fits your space without expensive changes? UR-1 is your single DR detector solution! Perfect for your Orthopedic practice, Outpatient centers as well as the Hospital environment.

Virtual Imaging’s Universal Radiographic System the UR-1 is a floor to wall mounted, U-arm digital radiographic system with a small form function without any loss of flexibility and will enhanced your workflow. This is your digital detector technology for the future fitting your work environment, ease of use, and reliability while providing high quality digital radiographic images.

The UR-1 incorporates Canon CXDI 50-C (14x17 Mobile) or the CXDI 40-C (17x17 Stationary) digital flat panel detector technology and there is no need for a ceiling support structure. Compact and powerful.

Robert E. Tew, M.B.A.
Director, Diagnostic Imaging Services
Saint Clare’s Health System
Denville, Dover, Sussex, and Parsippany, N.J.

I’m not 100% certain, but I believe that I am Ed Ravenkamp, and Garden State Imaging’s, first customer. I know that, unless I retire from the industry before the business closes, I will be his last.

There are many reasons for loyalty in business, I generally rely on one. That one is customer service, for I am a customer. I have been in a Director level position for nearly 20 years with 6 different facilities in 4 different states. Garden State Imaging has provided me with service in every one of those locations, as far away as El Paso, TX. I realized early in my career the value of doing business with someone who truly has my best interests in mind. I have found that I do not feel a need to micromanage or provide constant oversight on a project that I am involved in with Garden State Imaging. That is invaluable to me and my time commitments.

Recently, the company has begun to provide us some service here at Saint Clare’s Health System in northern New Jersey. We purchased a new Emergency Department General Radiographic unit. It was not a straightforward installation. The existing rooms needed to be separated from a shared generator arrangement. The two rooms were well over 20 years old and they were both patched together during the original set-up. For example, they both utilized fluoro type tilt tables, among other things. The overall deal also needed to be coordinated with our CR and Laser Camera vendor. Garden State Imaging took care of the entire project. As with almost any tear-out and installation that I have been involved with, a number of issues presented themselves. Whenever I called to discuss one, Garden State Imaging was already aware of it and had a solution prepared. I realized then that this was exactly the reason that I used them. Not only do I generally receive the most favorable pricing from this company, but the service is always superior.

The installation is complete, at this time. Garden State Imaging has been back up a number of times already to make some minor adjustments. These were items that were a matter of Technologist preferences, not manufacturer’s specifications. In my experience many larger companies, for this reason, would not have bothered. They have already scheduled a complete PM and room assessment for August. This is what I consider a commitment to customer service.

If you are searching for a company that can provide you comprehensive multi-vendor service across most modalities, very competitive and favorable pricing on purchases, and exceptional customer service, this is a company you must seriously consider.

Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania
GSI, Inc has been awarded the sale of 4 Canon Digital portable upgrades (3) CXDI – 50C and (1) CXDI – 31 for pediatrics. They all will incorporate WiFi to update modality worklist and send images to PACS. Installation to start August 2007.

William B. Kessler
Installation of a new Radiographic Suite.

Nazareth Hospital
Installation of a new Amrad Digital Chest Suite. This was our first install of the new cesium iodine sinilator reduction in dose of 40%.

St. Clare's Hospital
Installation of a new ED Suite. This was our first install of the new Arcoma Hi-Lo Table.

Sale of RadPro URS ++ with Canon CDXI 50 C. We will be installing this purchase in the June 2007 timeframe.