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AmRad™ Medical is known for ongoing product development and quality workmanship in radiographic systems and components. Each component has been designed for long-term durability under high volume patient conditions.

AmRad™ Medical Advantage FMT

  • A cost-efficient precision imaging suite
  • A heavy-duty, continuous-column tubestand allows for stable floor-mounting.
  • Supports patients weighing up to 650 lbs.

The Advantage FMT is a high-quality alternative to the DFMT. The robust FMT offers the versatility and functionality of the DFMT with an analog SID readout for more conservative imaging budgets.

AmRad™ Classic AC400

  • Wear-resistant steel tracks offer extended tubestand travel.
  • Flexible configurations fit any imaging environment.
  • Seamlessly supports patients weighing up to 400 lbs.

When x-ray imaging is only one of the services you provide, the Classic AC400 ensures fast payback. The Classic’s Tubestand design maximizes the imaging capabilities of medical practices with limited space.

AmRad™ Advantage AA4 FRS System

  • Floor mounted design minimizes installation requirements
  • The FRS is ideal for ambulatory patient settings and comes standard with a 500 lb. patient capacity mobile table
  • Available as a CR or DR ready system, the FRS can be adapted to use with most current CR and DR solutions

This unique, multi-purpose radiographic system is designed for today’s digital departments. Ideal for use with ambulatory patients, this system helps you to improve productivity and optimize workflow. The FRS can be adapted for most current CR and DR solutions…all within your budget.