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Digital Radiology (DR)

As we continue to see vast improvements in the field of radiology, digital upgrades are becoming a necessity. When compared to film and CR, there are a multitude of benefits– the use of consumables is nearly eliminated and the time to produce an image is drastically reduced.

Understanding Technology behind Digital Radiology (DR)

  • An imaging receptor plate known as the flat panel detector is exposed to Xray or gamma radiation.
  • Digital sensors within the plate capture the image and immediately transmit.
  • Image is displayed instantly on a computer monitor evaluation with specialized software.


Greater image quality and faster results. (Image produced in 5 secs)

Accurate detectability of smaller defects.

Increase facility through put.

80% less radiation than traditional.

New technology also offers storage possibilities of the data and images.

Possibility of wireless transfer of data.

Post-processing manipulation.