GSI is a total solution provider for Diagnostic Imaging and Technology Sales & Services.

Garden State Imaging, Inc. (GSI) was established in 1986 as an Independent, Multi-Vendor Service/Sales Organization within the medical industry. We are a solution provider for Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Computerized Technology Systems, (CR, CCD, and DR) PACS as well as Asset Maintenance and Management. Our staff has more than seventy-five years of combined experience in servicing medical imaging equipment, computer system and networking. This diversified training and experience gives GSI a strong background in every aspect of providing solutions within the medical industry.

GSI is also a founding member of the Association of Medical Service Providers. This national organization is devoted to supporting independent service companies with information exchange, sales support, technical support, on-site assistance and education.

  • Provide our customers with the highest level of quality service
  • Earn our customers business and respect every day in every way
  • Take ownership of each opportunity presented
  • Communicate with employees and customers in a professional manner
  • Provide added value services by doing more than our customers expect
  • Develop and maintain a high level of integrity
  • Gather employee input to improve company/customer relationships
  • Establish GSI as a solution provider to our customers
  • News

    Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania
    GSI, Inc has been awarded the sale of 4 Canon Digital portable upgrades (3) CXDI – 50C and (1) CXDI – 31 for pediatrics. They all will incorporate WiFi to update modality worklist and send images to PACS. Installation to start August 2007.

    William B. Kessler
    Installation of a new Radiographic Suite.

    Nazareth Hospital
    Installation of a new Amrad Digital Chest Suite. This was our first install of the new cesium iodine sinilator reduction in dose of 40%.

    St. Clare's Hospital
    Installation of a new ED Suite. This was our first install of the new Arcoma Hi-Lo Table.

    Sale of RadPro URS ++ with Canon CDXI 50 C. We will be installing this purchase in the June 2007 timeframe.