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GSI,Inc is committed to providing their customers with diagnostic imaging solutions.

Preventative Maintenance

A proactive cost-containment strategy for companies and organization of all sizes. A critical management strategy where peak performance in maintained whilst reducing the likelihood of expensive emergency repair or premature replacements.

sales support

GSI offers a variety of industry leading, innovative equipment specializing in digitized technology (DR, CR and CCD), PACS. New, used and refurbished options are available. We work with strategic partners who constantly forge new and exciting developments.

removal and disposal

Special care must be taken to safely dispose X-ray equipment, film, machines and chemicals. For safe disposal of X-ray units and lead aprons we efficiently and socially responsibly remove/dispose all equipment. 

On Site and Remote Service

Fully trained expert engineers are equipped to manage a magnitude of situations. Whether on site or remotely, we assist with problem resolution.

asset management programs

An all-inclusive service agreement, replacing multiple contracts and extended warranties. Providing cost-effective coverage on all imaging systems.

Benefits: Flexible coverageSavings over OEM Contracts Vendor Neutral Maintain Upgrading and Disposing of Assets cost effectively

Product Life Cycle Evaluation and Management

The goals of product life cycle management are to improve product quality, reduce emergency costs, maintain and sustain operational serviceability, and reduce environmental impacts at end-of-life. As well as properly identifying replacement opportunities to eliminate down time inefficiencies.

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