GSI has been developing custom software solutions for over 10 years. We have taken pride in remaining on the edge of technology so we remain competetive and provide our customers with consistent service.

ManageEase is our internally developed software for managing Assets, Customers and Vendors. It has been developed with the Independant Service Organization (ISO) in mind to facilitate lifetime services for their customer's assets. Currently, our production version of the system is an Internet Enabled Desktop Application. What this means is that it runs on your computer's desktop just like any other application except it can work over the internet to supply users with real-time data from anywhere they have internet access.

The future of ManageEase is just around the corner. We have a prototype system which is hosted within a web browser. We will be migrating to this type of solution in the future. This will allow users the same power and flexibility but won't tie them to having to install any sofware. It will also increase the accessibility; for instance if you need to give a customer access to some of their service history data.

Demo Site Please contact us for a demo login.

Software Solutions
Partnered with Agile Information Software we have developed ManageEase and are completely capable of developing and delivering custom solutions for your business. We have a team of qualified software engineers at our disposal which pride themselves in creating sound software solutions.

Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania
GSI, Inc has been awarded the sale of 4 Canon Digital portable upgrades (3) CXDI – 50C and (1) CXDI – 31 for pediatrics. They all will incorporate WiFi to update modality worklist and send images to PACS. Installation to start August 2007.

William B. Kessler
Installation of a new Radiographic Suite.

Nazareth Hospital
Installation of a new Amrad Digital Chest Suite. This was our first install of the new cesium iodine sinilator reduction in dose of 40%.

St. Clare's Hospital
Installation of a new ED Suite. This was our first install of the new Arcoma Hi-Lo Table.

Sale of RadPro URS ++ with Canon CDXI 50 C. We will be installing this purchase in the June 2007 timeframe.