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Smallest and lightest

For driving your mobile X-ray unit quickly and safely, the clear view forward is essential.

X-tech cell technology

Our revolutionary battery technology keeps your portable unit working, not waiting.

Pediatric version color-scheme

Designed by kids for kids.

Easy to clean

The glossy surfaces on the unit are nice looking but much more importantly: very easy to clean.

With revolutionary battery technology, sleek design and strong user focus, a new generation of groundbreaking X-ray units has been developed. This product allows hospitals and clinics to reduce the number of mobile X-ray units and still be able to do more procedures. Keeps the unit working not waiting, called: TRUE X-RAY MOBILITY

Portable X-ray unit: easy to move

By reducing the weight by hundreds of kilos we developed a light and portable X-ray unit that allows for maximum mobility without impairing its performance or function. Patented design allows a clear forward view and enables easy and safe transportation of the portable X-ray unit, and makes the !M1 ideal to maneouver in limited and crowded spaces.

According to a product comparison carried out by Imaging Technology News in August 2018, the portable !M1 solution by Solutions for Tomorrow has exceptional maneuverability and leading battery performance, from zero to full charge.


excellent image quality

We have incorporated the latest detector technology and imaging acquisition software, giving the mobile X-ray unit premium image quality. We use only high DQE Cesium Iodide (CsI) wireless detectors with state-of-the-art image processing.

The X-tech cellTM battery technology ensures shortest exposure time and thereby sharp images not only at full battery charge but also at low battery charge levels – unlike other competing portable X-ray units.

Our commitment to delivering excellent image quality enables the improvement of clinical outcomes, shortened exam time which improves patient comfort and safety, as well as enhancing workflows and productivity, thereby reducing costs.

Designed by kids for kids

The appearance and sounds of healthcare equipment can be scary for kids, therefore it is common practice to use a kid-friendly design in order to comfort and calm them down. Child-friendly equipment advances pediatric diagnostic to a new level.

To create a pediatric version of !M1 we decided to ask for help at a local kindergarten and primary school. We thought that no one understands kids better than other kids. We brought the unit to the school and started with a short presentation explaining how and for what the units are used. We asked kids if they could help us to create a design that will make other kids feel calm and safe.

Easy to clean

Our sleek design is not only easy on the eye – it makes the cleaning process simple with a minimum of sharp corners, hatches or lids – places where dirt and dust can accumulate. An easy cleaning process is paramount in the hospital environment, as this lowers the risk of spreading infections.

Fast and efficient

We have developed a battery technology specifically for usage within portable X-ray units, the revolutionary technology X-tech cell®. The batteries are fully charged up to eight times faster than competitors and ten minutes charging will give enough power to continue working without limitations up to one hour. The mobile X-ray unit is operating 24/7 – We call it True X-ray MobilityTM

The LED lights at the sides and at the top of the column provide clear communication. The power cable, charging indicator, precision control joysticks as well as the optional tube head touch monitor and wireless remote control have all been designed to optimize workflows as well as enhancing the X-ray experience to new levels.

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