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Varex Imaging Corporation is a leading innovator, developer, and manufacturer of X-ray imaging component solutions, which includes X-ray tubes, digital flat panel detectors, software, and other key components of X-ray imaging systems. With a 65+ year history of successful innovation, you will find our components in countless medical, industrial, and security imaging applications worldwide.


17x17 Wired Cesium DR System

Featuring best-in-class 100 μm (micron) pixel size, direct deposition CsI scintillator and excellent DQE, XRpad 4343 enables high resolution imaging with greatly reduced X-ray exposure. Automatic Exposure Detection (AED), on-board corrections, and Interface Power Unit (IPU) for wired connectivity make system integration quick and simple. Powered by Nexus® image acquisition software by Varex, XRpad is a true OEM solution.


  • Cassette-sized fits in conventional Bucky tray 
  • Reduce patient dose by up-to 40% 
  • Direct deposition Cesium Iodide
  • vTrigger Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)
  • Industry Best 100 Micron Pixel Pitch
  • Battery charger and two batteries
  • Excellent Limiting Resolution 5 cy/mm
  • 16-bit Dynamic Range 65,536 shades of gray
  • IPX4 rated (protection against liquids)
  • On-board pixel corrections and storage


17x17 Wired Flat Panel Detector

Nexus 4343 wired DR systems provide hospital-grade image quality and reliability at a price that private practitioners can afford. True 17×17″ active field offers the convenience of never having to reposition the detector for exams and the tethered connection means there are no batteries to change. Cassette-sized detector is perfect for Chiropractors and Veterinarians or for use as part of a dual-detector system. No modification to existing equipment required.


17x17 Wireless Flat Panel Detector

Nexus DR is advanced, digital x-ray image acquisition software designed to quickly and easily automate patient workflow and obtain higher quality images using less dose. Integrated with Varex 14×17 wireless cassette-sized detectors, Nexus DR provides a cost effective and trouble-free solution that includes advanced image processing algorithms for optimal image quality and excellent reliability. Designed to provide fast and accurate diagnostic images with minimal user interaction, Nexus DR is an efficient solution for your digital radiography needs. Nexus can be interfaced with most HER/EMR systems to optimize workflow. Modality Worklist functionality allows X-ray technologists to focus their attention on the patient while easily capturing high quality images.

Advanced Image Quality

  • Processing and enhancement tuned to each anatomical protocol
  • Site-specific tuning capability

Easy to Use

  • IOS-like look and feel with multi-touch monitor
  • Easy MWL integration with EMR. HIS, RIS systems
  • System guidance through defined protocol with seamless image transfer to DICOM server
  • DICOM 3.0 compliant


  • Nexus DR is designed for high volume sites requiring fast throughput and great image quality
  • Nexus DR systems include a 14×17 wireless detector, single bay battery charger, two rechargeable batteries and a preconfigured Dell workstation computer with 23” touchscreen LCD.
  • Nexus DR is an American Made product designed to compete with imported Asian flat panel detectors.